Products & Services

Electronic Component Products

Rugged Power Magnetics: Inductors, CMCs, Gate Drivers, Current Sense, Planar and Wire Wound Transformers / Rugged Signal Magnetics: Transceiver Modules, Ethernet, Data Isolation Transformers, Mil-Std-1553 Transformers / Mil-Std-1553 Data Bus Couplers, Baluns and Delay Lines / Testing Services For Production Qualifications: MiL-PRF-27,MIL-PRF-21038,MIL-PRF-83531 and MIL-PRF-83532, MIL-STD-202, NASA EEE-INST-002, MIL-STD-883, ISO9001:2008, MIL-STD-981, IPC-J-STD-001, NASA—STD-8738.3

The leading manufacturer of high reliability board level inductive components for use in space, avionics, military, medical and high end industrial applications. Configuration: Thru-Hole/SMT/Radial/Conical, Offering: - RF/Power/Common Mode/Toroids/Differential Mode/Pot Core/Transformers/SMPS, 45 Years of Extensive Custom Magnetic Design Experience, QPL approved to M83446/04/31/32/33/36/37 - M27/367A/368A/369A/370A - M39010, MIL-PRF-981/MIL-PRF-27/MIL-PRF-202 Capabilities with In-House Environmental Lab, 2 Class 10K Cleanroom and 5 Manufacturing Locations.

Commercial Quartz Crystals - AT, ST & HF / Crystal Oscillators / VCXO, VTCXO, TCXO & OCXO's.

Relays - Electromechanical, RF, Commercial & Mil /Aero, Solid State, High Voltage & High Power / Microwave Coax Switches / Switch-Matrix / Mini Matrix

Display Products

Projected Capacitive Touch Sensor Technology - Large Format Multi-touch Screen Specialists PCT (self capacitive) 1-2 touch points; 5 - 85" size; Available in Glass or foil MPCT (mutual capacitive) 10 - 40 touch points; 15 - 85" size; Available in glass or foil

High Bright Displays - Outdoor Sunlight Readable, Sizes 10.4" - 46" / Open Frame Monitors for gaming / Curved Displays / Open and Closed frame panels / Touchscreen LCD Chassis Monitor / TFT LCD Panels

Lumineq® Displays, a business unit of Beneq, is world's premier manufacturer of electroluminescent displays. Rugged, transparent and customized Lumineq displays, enabled by atomic layer deposition, are the display of choice for extreme conditions. They tolerate cold, heat, moisture, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type.

Interconnect Products

U.S and Euro Style Terminal Blocks - Barrier, Cage, Europa / Pluggable & Headers / Screw-less Mini Blocks, Screw-less Pluggable / Preci-Dip Connection Technology

EZ Form Cable Corporation is an AS9100 certified manufacturer of Coaxial Cable, Coaxial Cable Assemblies, RF Connectors, and Coaxial Delay Lines. EZ Form RF, Microwave, and Millimeterwave transmission line solutions offer proven performance for critical applications in Mil/Aero, Telecommunications, Medical, Instrumentation, and Test.

PkZ® Blindmate RF-Microwave Contacts / PkZ ® Connector Housings / Non-Magnetic RF Connectors and Contacts / Power Connectors and Contacts / Waterproof RF Connectors

Mil-Audio Connectors / Dataport Connectors / Battery Connectors

USB - Series A, B, C / Mini Micro - Vertical, RT Angle, Dual Configurations / Audio - 2.5, 3.5, RT Angle & Vertical Mounts / HDMI - Mini, Micro, RT Angle, Vertical Dual / Mod Jack - Shielded & Unshielded, Ganged, LED, Magnetic / DC Power - 1.0, 1.3, 2.0, 2.5, Locking, Up to 5 amp / D-Sub - High Density, Filtered, Dual / IP67 - USB-A, Micro USB, Audio Jack, RJ45, Dust caps